Compare and Contrast Judaism and Christianity.


Both Christianity and Judaism are religions that have some relationship between them as much as they also have differences.


Judaism traces its origins from the times of Abraham when God made a covenant with him and promised him to make his lineage a sacred people and give them a holy land. From Abraham, the children of Israel were born; the other patriarchs of Israel being Isaac and Jacob. They adopted the Jewish religion all through up to the time of Moses when the Torah was given to him and continued with the religion.

On the other hand, Christianity traces its origin from Jesus Christ from whom the disciples, at Antioch, were first called Christians due to their manner of living - which was like Jesus Christ's.


Both Christians and Jews believe in one God who is called Jehovah; however, the point of divergence is that while Christians believe in the trinity (that is, God is one substance but three persons in one namely the Father, Son and Holy Spirit), the Jews believe in God being just one substance one person.

While Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, God incarnate and the savior of the world, the Jews believe that he is not the Messiah and are still waiting for the Messiah who will come to save them. In this regard, the Jews deny that Jesus resurrected and that there is no second coming of Jesus because they are still waiting for the savior/messiah to come. On the other hand, Christians acknowledge that Jesus resurrected and that he will come a second time but not as savior of the world again.

Both Christians and Jews believe in the existence of angels and demons as spiritual beings.

While the Jews believe that salvation comes through belief in God and good deeds, the Christians believe that salvation comes by grace and through faith in Jesus. They also both believe in an afterlife where there is existence of heaven and hell.


The Jews are to worship in the temple or synagogue whereas the Christians are known to worship in churches/chapels. They both observe Sabbath worship, however, there is a point of contention on the actual Sabbath day observance between the two religions.

Religious authorities.

In conducting their spiritual duties, Christians use the bible (which comprises of both the old and new testaments) as their spiritual authority. On the other hand, Jews use the Torah, Tanakh which is the Jewish bible and the Talmud as their religious authorities. In comparison, both religions use the Old Testament in their study.


While looking at the two religions, it can be concluded that despite there being many differences, there is also a common ground by which they share in terms of beliefs, worship among other issues not mentioned in this paper, for example the various denominations within each religion and what it is that they believe in compared to the original idea of the religion when it was started.