How to write an essay in one hour

Essay writing is task that everyone has to do in his/her student life. Students find it a difficult and tricky task. They get afraid of writing an essay and they keep on delaying it. Essay writing consumes lot of time, brain storming and effort. A good essay should be logically correct. The expression should be precise and impressive. It must elaborate the topic with logical argumentation and illustrious instances. It should be grammatically correct. Students usually get afraid of managing all these principles and they get worried about their essay writing.

There are also many occasions come when you have to write an essay in just one hour. Sometimes student delayed their assignment till last date. Sometimes, you have to write an essay in just a one hour in essay competitions, or there can also be plenty of other reasons that you have to write an essay in just one hour.

You need not to worry about accomplishing your good essay in one hour now. This article will provide you with key points that you need to follow while writing an essay. Following are the key points that you should keep in your mind:

  • Stay calm and do not get panic that you are running short of time. 6o minute is a plenty of time for writing 5 to 6 paragraphs.
  • Divide your minutes in paragraphs. Make calculation about how much minutes you are going to spend on single paragraph.
  • Read the topic with attention to detail and think on it for 3 to 4 minutes. Make a rough sketch or outline in your mind about your topic of essay.
  • You may write at once 3 to 4 lines or words that best describe your topic and then try to make an introductory line a catchy one by using those lines or words.
  • Start writing your introduction by keeping in mind your conclusion, so that you can write the whole essay coherently.
  • Your introduction should be small and to the point.
  • Give examples in order to strengthen your stance.
  • Write short and simple sentences.
  • You must maintain a connection between preceding and proceeding paragraphs.
  • You may check the time along with and keep doing as per your division of time according to paragraphs.
  • If you well remember some quote related to your topic. You can add it by proving the reference as well.
  • You must reach a conclusion.