20 Fresh Suggestions For Business Term Paper Topics

Business is still a relatively young, new and fashionable subject to study and, as such, there is still a lot of unexplored avenues for the fresh student to start their path on. Just 20 of these sort topics which are perfect as term paper topics are listed below. The first 10 are explored in a bit more detail, and you can use the same sorts of questions on the second lot of 10.

  1. People
  2. There are so many interesting business people out there nowadays whose lives, successes and failures would be fascinating to document. Choose any one of the living or dead entrepreneurs and see your paper practically write itself!

  3. Minimum wage
  4. Is a minimum wage a good idea? If so, why don't some countries, such as Finland, not have it, and yet manage perfectly well, perhaps better, than Britain? You could alternatively explore the history of minimum wage.

  5. Sexual discrimination in business and the workplace
  6. Sexual discrimination is not yet a thing of the past, unfortunately. Explore the issue and perhaps even add your suggestions for how to cure this problem.

  7. Violence in the workplace
  8. Does the violence occur more in certain places of work? Is it usually men or women? What is the average age of the perpetrators? What do you think the reason for violent outbreaks most often is?

  9. Medical rights and working
  10. What sort of rights are you allowed when you enter into a new job? Should there be more or fewer? Are there any outdated rights?

  11. Health care policies
  12. How do health care policies work and why do we need them? Do we need them? Is there any way to improve them?

  13. Public transportation
  14. How can we feasibly make public transportation for efficient? What makes it inefficient?

  15. The history of transportation
  16. How has transportation developed and what are the business ideas surrounding these developments?

  17. The railroad
  18. How had the invention of trains and the introduction of the railroad affected other areas of industry? (Think about the links it has with the post and deliveries of letters and newspapers.)

  19. Family-owned businesses
  20. How do this work? Are they nepotistic? Do they encourage nepotism at all?

    More general topics:

  21. Business ethics

  22. Using the internet

  23. Accounting

  24. Entrepreneurship

  25. Writing in business

  26. Professional liability

  27. Consumerism

  28. Credit card fraud

  29. The housing market

  30. Economic depressions