At the slightest mention of the word, "racism", our minds are filled with negative thoughts. Well, maybe it is important to define racism because it can be explained from different fronts. For one, racism has to do with the belief that every member of each race has characteristics or capabilities that are precise to the race, particularly so as to differentiate it as a superior or inferior to others. Again, racism is seen as a discrimination, prejudice and antagonism that are directed towards an individual of a different race founded on the belief that a person's own race is of high superiority. Generally, it is a belief that the abilities and characteristics that can be ascribed to individuals simply on the foundations of their race and that some groups are powerful than others based on racial backgrounds.

In most cases, discrimination and racism have been used as very powerful weapons that promote fear and hatred of certain groups in times of war and conflict especially when there are economic downturns. The subject of racism is very touchy for some groups of people due to matters to do with free expression and speech. There has been a heated debate about what racism actually is and what leads to such issues. However, the issue may not be that complicated as it is highlighted. Racism is usually a type of hatred that comes with a person's background. Naturally, people hate others for many reasons. Hatred is still present in the nuclear family and therefore, the issue of racism is not different from the issues that affect us form day to day lives.

Well, racism has been opposed in many areas including in the world of sports and the efforts seem to have born very few fruits. There is still much hate experienced from different parts of the world. Initially, it was believed to be a problem of the United States but that is not the case right now. Things have changed it is being experienced everywhere. Racism can be learnt from one person to another or from a generation to the next. For instance, children grow learning certain things from their parents concerning some issues related to other people that are not so good. Children grow with such ideas and negative knowledge about other people and therefore, it sticks in them not to get off their minds any time soon. Apparently, the issue of racism is going to be around for quite some time.