Buying Customized Essays - Pros and Cons

In a world where academic achievement has become ultra competitive and the grades a student receives are going to significantly affect the future earning potential of an individual, the grades matter. When a student gets a writing assignment it is designed to teach both the writing process, and to allow the student to show what they have learned. Unfortunately there is only so much time in a day, and being able to construct and write an essay can be difficult. Many students are turning to hiring professional writers to create customized essays to assist them in completing the academic requirements of their academic programs. Like any action there are going to be both positive and negative repercussions to consider before a student decides to buy a customized essay.

The Pros

Making the decision to buy a customized essay will allow a student to complete the assignment. Most great writers of customized papers will be available for consultation and inquiry. A student will be able supply the writer with all of the requirement s of this particular assignment, topic and length for example. Also the student can make sure that the writer will write in the voice that the student desires. Often times the point of the essay is to present and opinion about a particular subject. A reputable writer will complete work that speaks in a voice the writer favors. Great companies also provide several guarantees for their customers. They guarantee originality of the document, so that a student can't be accused of plagiarism. Also they will guarantee the quality, so that a student is not only completing the assignment but also getting a great grade for it. Finally, there is a ton of time being saved when a writer is hired. The stress level of the student will be somewhat less and they can focus on their social lives or other academic requirements.

The Cons

One of the major problems with hiring a writer to create a custom essay is that it can be extremely expensive. You are going to get what you pay for, and this is true when it comes to customized essays. Hiring a quality, competent writer is always going to cost a lot of money. If a student wants a paper that is guaranteed to provide them with a good grade and advance their career. However, if a poor grade is avoided most feel it is worth it. Paying less is going to open a student up to papers which are poorly written and not totally original. Another major problem is that hiring a writer to do your work for you is unethical. One of the reasons a student is in school is to learn from the curriculum the instructors provide. Taking a shortcut like this, denies the student with the valuable learning experience that writing the paper themselves would have provided.