Bermuda Triangle

Devil's Triangle is another name for the famous Bermuda Triangle. It is found located in the Atlantic ocean in the northern part of the ocean. It is known for the belief that in the area there was the disappearance of ships and aircrafts under circumstances that were mysterious. The United States navy does not however recognize the Bermuda Triangle. The reporting of the incidents that occurred has been considered inaccurate. The incidents occurrence also remains unclear due to the fact that different authors give different accounts of what happened in the Bermuda Triangle. According to the most recent report, following research on most dangerous waters for ships, Bermuda Triangle was not listed as one of those most dangerous.

Location of Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda triangle is located in the Atlantic Ocean far in the northern part. The Bermuda Triangle's apexes are believed to be in San Juan PUERTO RICO, Florida, Miami and Bermuda. The Bermuda Triangle's area is approximately 500, 000 miles. The area, however, depends on authors as different authors report differently in the area the Bermuda Triangle covers. The location is in the United States of America yet it is not even recognized by the navy. There is, however, no official map that shows the concept of the Bermuda Triangles. The difference and believed inaccuracy of authors and account of what people say about the Bermuda triangles has been confusing for years. Information on the Bermuda Triangles thus varies depending on the author whose work you read from.

Criticisms on the Bermuda Triangles Concept

The fact that there is no official map for the area of Bermuda Triangle confuses people on the location of the triangle. Some people really believe that Bermuda triangles exist. Others think that it is an imagination and that no real event occurred such as the claimed disappearance of planes and ships in the waters. Others believe in what they hear. T he fact that all authors have written different accounts on the happenings and incidents in the Bermuda Triangles is also criticized by various people. There is belief that there was misreporting. There could have been reporting on boats missing but their reappearance may not have been reported. The fact that reported cases in the Bermuda Triangle do not exceed the cases that may have happened in the other parts of the ocean, indicate some level of exaggeration. The Bermuda Triangles remain a mystery. It is not actually clear on what happened.