What to Write in an Antigone Essay

If you have a flair for creative writing and interest in mythological concepts, you may gain an advantage in writing an Antigone essay.  Determining what to write likely depends on how you approach the subject.  If there are areas of interest to you, they can be areas to start your focus and take notes.  There are sample essays and topics available online that can inspire details you may want to include in your essay. 

An important element in an essay includes the thesis.  You may or may not have this created yet depending on your topic choice.  First, you'll need to get a good idea on what Antigone is about; know the characters, the main idea, significant events that took place, the setting and think about possible supporting points for your thesis (if you have one).  Doing research on the story may include reading sample essays on the topic or viewing possible topic ideas.  You should get a good feel on the meaning of the story.  Read reviews and feedback from others.

Another option to help get ideas on what to include in your essay is character analysis.  Readers have a habit of analyzing or dissecting a character while reading.  What are qualities you notice each character has?  Why do you think the author decided for the character to display such traits?  How do readers in general see the character?  The theme of the story can also hold ideas.  There are different elements to think about with theme context such as customs, traditions, choices, consequences and religious connections.  The theme and setting may complement each other but they help create a unique feel for the reader. How do these aspects play a role in connection to the characters?

A little history research on Aristotle and Greek traditions may also be helpful.   Why there are different tragedies included in the story, some wonder why it is titled Antigone?  Many admire the fact the story was written in such a way it leaves a memorable impact.  Antigone is considered a classic but many have their own way of interpreting the story and its meaning. The story has had a profound effect on literature, drama and culture.  On a positive note, you have plenty of content to use in your writing; it's just a matter of deciding what to focus on.