How to Write Argumentative Research Papers

Writing in argumentative research paper is difficult for essay writing. Not only presenting the evidence but taking a particular viewpoint and trying to argue that side throughout the argument. You will have to take both sides of the argument into consideration in order to counteract the opposing view from the stance that you have taken.

Ultimately, it can be seen as being a very straightforward essay to write; however, it does require the a large amount of research and skill, even if the idea of it is straightforward. Essentially it boils down to three elements: selecting a topic to write about; gathering evidence and research; and writing the essay. When put like that it sounds a lot easier, but each of these elements involves a great deal of complexity in order to get right.

Selecting a topic to write about

Each of the different elements when it comes to writing an argumentative research paper are important, but if you do not have the right topic to start with in the first place, it can make it very difficult or leave you with an argumentative research paper that quite frankly isn't going to be too spectacular.

You need a topic that is going to have conflicting viewpoints stating both sides, despite the fact that you want to take a stance on only one of these sites. If there is no conflict inside the argument then it hardly is an argumentative essay, and it just becomes a regular informal essay.

Gathering evidence and research

Having selected a topic that you want to write about, you then need to gather as much evidence as possible. Argumentative research papers do require a lot of evidence to back up any views you wish to make. The evidence can come from sources such as past literature or other writing or you can gather it yourself by carrying out such things as surveys, interviews or experiments.

Writing the essay

Having selected a title and gathered the evidence you will now be ready to write the essay. It starts off with an introduction laying out the viewpoint stance that you wish to take; it should be followed by the main body which details the arguments, both for and against your viewpoint; and finishes with a conclusion that ties the whole essay together. It is important to differentiate between these three stages of the argument rather than to let them roll in to each other; it is also important that you include both sides of the argument so that you can counteract the opposing view in order to prove your view.