10 Creative Child Psychology Research Paper Topics

Child psychology is an interesting topic for a student to research. It can be difficult to decide what to write a research paper on, but once you choose, you will have a very informative and interesting paper to hand in. Think about what you want to research about a child's mind and its development, as well as what you want to say about it.

What Do You Want to Write About?

Are you going to inform readers of something? Do you want to tell them of an observation you've had and the research that explains what you've personally seen? Do you want to point out an issue in your research paper? Once you have a topic and know what direction you want to go in, you can start writing your paper.

Creative Topics for Your Research Paper

  1. Language acquisition and development
    • How do children learn to communicate?

  2. Children and media violence
    • Does violence on the news, in video games, in movies, on TV, in comic books, etc. affect children?
    • Does media violence encourage violence in children?

  3. Gender roles
    • Do children feel pressured by gender roles?
    • Should certain toys, colors, activities, etc. be associated with specific genders?

  4. Bullying
    • Why do children bully one another?
    • How does bullying affect a child?

  5. Child abuse
    • How does child abuse affect a child's perception of him or herself?
    • Does child abuse affect a child's self esteem and self worth?
    • Will being abused cause aggressive or submissive behavior in the child?
    • Will an abused child become abusive as he or she grows up?

  6. Parenting styles
    • What are different parenting styles?
    • How do different parenting styles affect a child and which seem to be the best and which seem to be the worst?

  7. A child's surroundings growing up
    • How does growing up in a broken home affect a child?
    • How does growing up in an abusive home affect a child?
    • How does growing up with loving parents affect a child?
    • How does growing up in an orphanage or growing up without parents affect a child?

  8. The beginning of a child's sense of humor
    • How does this happen?
    • What affects their sense of humor?

  9. Social development in children
    • Does community define the meaning of what's okay and what's not in social behavior for a child?
    • Do children learn social behavior by observing or do they learn it from someone teaching them?

  10. Children and death
    • When should a child be introduced to and taught about death?
    • How can death affect a child?

All of the topic suggestions would make excellent research papers about child psychology. The topics are only general ideas of what you could write about, and you should go in-depth and find more specific things to say about the topic that you choose to write about.