Good cause and effect research paper topics are hard to come by

  • As a rule the topics that are chosen for Cause and Effect research papers are concerned with the difficulties that we all deal with in everyday life.

  • Sometimes topics are given that on the face of them look dull and not very inspiring.

  • Choices for topics may seem to be limiting.

As a student you need to see beyond the topic itself and look at the bigger picture.

You need to look:

  • At initial impact of the topic
  • Then take it locally within the community that it occurs
  • Then go global.

You also need to consider:

  • Past
  • Present
  • Future.

Further consideration needs to take into account

  • The field of study in which it occurs.
  • The fields of study that the topic also covers as a general rule.
  • The fields of study that also influences the topic such as politics and technology.

Solutions for the cause and effect topic

  • The most immediate solution
  • An intermediate solution
  • A long term solution

Before we have even looked at a topic list, we have a 12 point plan that we can use on any cause and effect research paper. Look at each point in term then elaborate before you do any in-depth research

As an exercise that may have benefits, it may be an idea to pick out a few cause and effect topics that you could trial out using the methodology above.

Remember that a topic that seems to lack luster may actually be a gem in disguise. On looking beneath the surface of the topic you may find that it is something that you may find very interesting and find an innovative slant for your research paper.

Looking at some topic lists they seem to have about 20 areas but they are all interrelated in some way. On first reading that can seem as if the list lacks a topic that truly 'pops'. But remember that the list is There to inspire and motivate you (look globally, look to the future and consider solutions and consider the fields of study that it overlaps into.

The other aspect to take in to consideration is that you need to check whether the cause and the effect need to be discussed in one document or one piece of research. You may be motivated to extend your ideology. Also remember that you will need to present and discuss your plans for your research with your professor and gain their approval.