How to Brainstorm British literature Research Paper Topics

The primary step for any research paper is to understand the assignment. If you do not understand the assignment well, you may travel down to the dead-end road in your literature research. It can only lead to the wastage of time along the way.

It is better to approach to your instructor, in case if you have any confusion. A methodical understanding of the assignment will enable you to focus on the research process, such as choosing your research topic and identifying the target audience.

Students always get confused on choosing a right research paper topic. Brainstorming is the best way you can choose the right topic. Before we discuss on how to brainstorm on research paper topics, it is essential to examine two basic scenarios that students have to face in real-life situation.

Scenarios to Cope-up with

A student encounters two crucial situations when it comes to choosing a research topic. The first situation entails when the professor provides a number of topics and students can choose one out of it. These topics are considered valuable by the instructor and the student should be confident in choosing the topic from the list.

First time researchers prefer this sort of arrangement in choosing a topic, instead of choosing it on their own.

In this case, some students can find the list of topics as limiting. Students can have some topics in mind that does not fit in the list provided by the instructor. It is quite helpful to approach the instructor with ideas you have in mind. Ask with your professor, whether your research topic fits fine for the assignment.

The second situation come about when your teacher hands out an assignment sheet and asks you to choose the topics of your interest. In this case, choose the topic that seems interesting. Do not be nervous that you do not have the specialized knowledge on the topic chosen. Practice makes you an experienced researcher.

How to Choose a Topic

Brainstorming is the best way in choosing a research topic. Here are some ways how you can pick a right research paper topic. Put ideas in writing are proved as a driving force for the writing process. It is helpful for students who finds difficult to narrow a research topic.

  • Believe on your instinct. If you have the strong judgment about a work, your idea may be a good essay topic.

  • Research the works of British literature to find out prospective topics. Look for ideas which appear repeatedly in other scholarly works.

  • Write down every word phrase you link with the work. Brainstorming through this approach helps to find out the topics. Consider talking about the literature on different aspects including literary techniques, philosophy, imagery, history, or character analysis.

  • Narrow your idea by evaluating your brainstorming efforts. Organize ideas into sets and develop the ones which appear most interesting to you. Choose some of the topics that that you can easily develop into arguments.

  • Write possible thesis statements on the basis of your list of possible topics. Remove thesis statements which are not feasible to cover in your research paper.