The History of Punk Rock Music

Over the years rock music has emerged into numerous forms such as garage rock and protopunk. One such form is punk rock music which has its roots in the rock and roll music of 1950s' America. Punk Rock has a long history of events and musicians who collaboratively created this genre. It is interesting to know that how beautifully this genre shaped up gradually with the influence of its environment, culture and nature of people.

In the 1960's, punk rock was a term used for 'garage musicians'.  These musicians and no musical understanding and were unaware of its rules. Bands like Sonics, Stooges and the Mc5 were playing raw music with simple lyrics and violent tunes. They were almost comparable to noise.

In 1970's more, punk rock bands come into view in America as well as England. Some of these included: Ramones, Wayne County, Johnny Thunders, Heartbreakers and Sex Pistols. Each of these bands had their unique style and identity. They had signature clothing, hairstyle and lyrics. Punk Rock fashion was an identity of all punk musicians. Mohawks, piercing, leather attire, ripped jeans and chunky jewelry are some of their distinguishing characteristics. This fashion is the uniqueness of punk rock musicians and is still adopted by people across the world. Even in this era, children and adults imitate this fashion in concerts, parties, etc.

In mid 70s England was having a bad time with its employment rate and the youth was getting rebellious. They started producing music which was against the establishment- it showed their anger and rage. Other fans of Sex Pistols also became influenced with this music and thought that they could do something similar too. Gradually, punk rock music shaped its way into Britain.

By the end of 1970s, punk rock music was considered a proper genre just like rock and jazz. It stared forming new sub-genres. Punk rock music has evolved over a period of twenty years. It developed from simple garage rock to a mature punk rock genre. Punk rock gradually lost its charm in the 80s when various other forms of genre came into the lime light. Still it continued on a small scale.

In the 1990s bands like Green Day, The Offspring, Blink-182 revived the old punk rock music with similar vocals, lyrics and look. Punk Rock is still an inspiration to numerous musicians around the world.