Manual for students on how to write a term paper outline and analyze your topic

Writing an outline for a term paper stresses out a lot of students. Fortunately, it's easier than most people think. Here are some tips to help you get it done:

  • First tip: Think about what you want to say. If you don't have any ideas, think about your class and what it's trying to teach, or a particular detail that interested you. Think about how it connects to other details and how those details connect to larger concepts. That's how you start making ideas!

  • Second tip: Every term paper's introduction is usually in the first paragraph.. This is where you explain what your subject is, the purpose of the paper, the sources cited, what you hope to accomplish in writing the term paper, etc. If you don't like what you're currently writing about, this is where you can change your main idea and go into different ones.

  • Third tip: Organize your term paper. Organization does two things: it helps you think and generate more ideas and comments that you can put into your paper, and it also helps you figure out what your paper will look like when it's finished.

  • Fourth tip: Write. Don't stress about details, don't think about grades, just sit down and start writing. Let the words flow through you as you scribble and type towards a goal. You will eventually reach a zen-like state of mind where ideas start to come together and themes start to fall into place.

  • Fifth tip: Take the best of your outline, and throw the rest away. Your outline is ultimately disposable, and you're left with a pure product that you can use to write your essay. Remember not to stress much on the outline, because you've got real work to do!