Original Term Paper Topics Are Very Easy To Find Online

Before one even begins to research and write a term paper, one must face the challenge of coming up with an original topic that is interesting and captures the attention of the instructor. Fortunately there are several places online where one can find very good original topics on a number of subjects. Here are some places to look:

  • Academic Writing Websites
  • Several independent academic groups and college affiliated websites have lists of recommended topics for dozens of subjects. These sites will often update their lists to align with current events or recent news stories.

    These updated lists mean for some very creative and original topics that are sure to wow readers. If you are given a term paper prompt you should consider approaching your instructor with some of your own topics to receive the approval you need to proceed.

  • Professional Writing Websites
  • Another great source for finding original term paper topics is going to one of the dozens of professional writing websites. For a small fee, and sometimes even at no cost, you can receive a list of recommended topics that have been put together by professional writers with academic backgrounds. The great part is that all of the creative thinking falls in the lap of writers who are used to putting together current term and research paper topics in several disciplines. Just be sure you check all of the terms and conditions. Sometimes you find that the list you receive are only suggested topics that have been used before, so be sure you know what you are getting.

  • Online Databases
  • Lastly, you may want to try checking online databases for term paper topics. There are several sites where you can view topic suggestions by category type, paper type, discipline and writing level. Some sites require you to have some sort of academic access so be sure to check with your university library if this is the case. Usually, you can log-in using your library account or physically from one of your library's terminals.

These are just a few suggestions for finding original term paper topics online. However, as with anything else you find online, you can never be too sure if there aren't already several dozens of students who are using the exact topics you are considering. The absolute best thing to do in this case is to tweak each topic slightly to avoid the embarrassment of handing in a similar paper in class.