Children and Divorce - Essay Sample

Divorce is the legal separation of two adults who are married. There are various reasons why families get divorced. They are different, and it all depends on a particular couple. Effect on children is what they always consider when entering and settling those matters. If they had children then there two options available for them:

  1. One parents gets full custody of the children
  2. The parents divide the children and gain full custody of each respectively.

Children of different ages react differently to this issue of divorce. The general behaviors across the board are elucidated below:

  1. They become rebellious to their parents, teachers and adults. This is because they feel answerable to no one because their parents are not together.
  2. They began to feel out of place in society. They begin to believe they are cursed and misplaced.
  3. There are children who think the parent are divorcing because of them hence they blame themselves for the divorce.
  4. There are children who start doing drugs and substance abuse.
  5. Society at times throws them out and mistreats them.
  6. There comes the financial constrain which sometimes makes parents send their children to beg and do anything so long as they bring money home.
  7. Their academic performance deteriorates drastically.

Children have a tender way of taking things. They are emotionally and psychologically affected by the divorce. These wounds usually take time to heal, and their effects are far more reaching than people might know. Children are known to be the future of tomorrow, but the basic family unit is what moulds them. This molding requires both parents since they both have a role to play in their children's lives. Parents should certainly consider their children before even think of divorcing in the first place. No child should be subjected to negligence just because of two ignorant adults!