Economic Aspects of Versailles Treaty and The Rise Of Hitler - Essay Example

After the defeat of Central forces in World War 1, a treaty was signed between Germany and Allied Forces which brought end to war. The treaty of Versailles was not only harsh and one sided, it brought misery and misfortune to the Central Forces. It was highly demanding and a harsh treatment for Germany. German people were subjected to compensate the damage caused by war. The military capability of Germany was tremendously reduced and some of the land belonging to Germany was given to France as reparations of war.

The Treaty of Versailles brought many problems for Germany including the economic problems, which were mostly caused by paying heavy reparations of war. The treaty not only brought financial problems, it rather caused great humiliation to the German nation. This sense of humiliation at the hands of Allied Forces gave birth to rise of nationalist movement in Germany and eventually to the rise of Adolph Hitler as the most powerful dictator in the history. It has been the history that every action has a reaction and if a nation is dealt so cruelly and deprived of property forcefully, it is natural to result in a reaction by that nation against the coercive force. Everyone in the world had a reaction to the treaty but no reaction could be compared to the reaction of German people. The Treaty of Versailles also played a similar role as a coercive instrument and this created a sense of hatred towards allied forces in the minds of the German nation and Hitler.

After the World War1, Germany was left economically devastated and in a sense of alienation from the rest of the world. The Treaty of Versailles also led to a vast increase in unemployment as Germany was not in a position to import raw materials and the industry eventually failed which resulted in unemployment. Unemployment also resulted in great distress among the people of Germany and contributed to the rise of a sense of hatred towards the four great powers of that time. According to Grimshaw if the concentration of the delegates, who drafted the Treaty of Versailles was more on the development of Europe rather than on punishment of Germany, it would not have led to 2nd world war and the rise of fascism and Adolf Hitler in Germany. He further contends that what Hitler did was to restore the economic condition of Germany which was ruined by the Treaty of Versailles. He wanted to reverse the effects of the Treaty. In short the economic aspects of the treaty of Versailles led to the rise of Hitler and consequently the outbreak of World War 2.