Checking A Custom Essay Writing Company For Legitimacy

Because your custom essay is of such fundamental importance to the success of your academic future, it is essential that you use a legitimate writing company. Imagine the consequences of using a deceitful or untrustworthy source for your custom essay! That could mean disaster at best and complete failure at worst.
Nobody wants to waste their time and money dealing with a business that is not trustworthy. Internet business legitimacy is harder to decipher than physical businesses because anybody anywhere can put up a website.

However, there are some guidelines you can follow to check out an online custom essay writing company to see if it is legitimate.

How to check out an online custom essay writing company:

  • Thoroughly review and study the company's website. Check each page. Is there a contact page, terms of service, etc.? Read all the fine print. Does anything look out of place or sound fishy?
  • Use the contact information to call the company. If there's any indication that they don't want contact, whether by phone or email, that raises a red flag. There should be a real person on the other end of the line when you call. Ask lots of questions.
  • Google the company to find third party reviews. Usually people write in when there's a complaint or a scam going on, so if you don't find any reviews, that is a good sign. There are also several scam-alert sites you can check.
  • Check the better business bureau. This is often helpful in finding information about the legitimacy of online businesses.
  • Google the company name and the URL. See what you find in the way of links, reviews, ratings, etc.
  • Local or national consumer affairs websites. These sites often have information stored that could prove useful. Generally, an absence of information is good because that means they haven't received a complaint. However, if the company is very new there may not be any complaints filed yet.
  • Check the "whois" data for the website. Sometimes ownership information is blocked from view, which is okay. This data should tell you how long the domain name has been owned. If it has been owned 1 year and the website claims it has been around 10 years that could be the sign of a problem.

For the few minutes of time it takes to check out a custom essay writing company to see if it's legitimate, it is very worth it in the long run.