Vital Ideas for Those Who Want to Write a Good Research Paper

In college and university, your grade for the whole course often depends to a great extent on a single assignment - your research project. Here are few tips to help you produce the work your professor will appreciate.

  1. Make sure that you understand your assignment.
  2. Read your task several times. Find action words like argue, define, analyze, compare, classify, or evaluate. Underline them, or even copy these sentences into a separate file. They will be your primary guideline throughout your research work. If you are unsure about any aspects of your assignment, consult your instructor right away.

  3. Choose a proper topic.
  4. First of all, it should appeal to you. Revise your course material. Find an area you would particularly like to explore. You can never produce a good research paper on a topic you are not interested in. Next, make sure you can find enough information on this topic.

  5. Discuss your topic with your instructor.
  6. If he or she approves, you can rest assured that you have made a good choice.

  7. Do not begin your research right away.
  8. First write down everything you already know on your topic. Identify the aspects you would like to learn more about, and the questions you would like to answer. This step might seem tedious, but it will help narrow down the focus of your research and use your time more efficiently.

  9. Make a schedule.
  10. Break your working process into stages, such as outlining, research, writing a first draft, and revision. Set a deadline for each stage. Allow some time in reserve for unexpected delays. Aim at working at least an hour or two every day - and follow this plan.

  11. Write an outline.
  12. It will help your stay focused in the research process. Organize your notes according to the points of your outline.

  13. Do not put off your writing process too far away.
  14. Many students fall into a mistake of allowing too much time for research and too little for actually writing. Drafting the whole of your paper in a single portion is not always the best way, especially for longer papers. Try writing by sections, after you complete your research for each one.

  15. Begin you work on the project as early as possible.
  16. Research work often takes more time than it seems in the beginning. The earlier you start, the greater the probability that you will be able to give your topic its due, not throw together your paper the last night before it is due.