How do you write a paper in MLA style

When you are researching for your MLA style paper, and you use the internet, there are a few things you must remember.

  1. You should not rely solely on the internet for your research. Almost every assignment you are given today may need you to do some internet research, but you should still use library resources. Take the time to cross check the information you find online to the information in the library. This is an ideal way to verify whether the internet site is authoritative and reliable.

  2. You should refine your topic before you start research. This is especially true if you plan on using the internet for your research. The internet has so much information out there, that an unrefined topic and an internet search combined will result in overwhelming results. You should take some time to think about what it is you are really looking for and try to think up some specific questions that your research needs to answer. This will help to direct your search and limit the results you find.

  3. Get to know your directories. There are many great directories out there which have links to peer-reviewed journals. If you spend some time getting to know these databases you can avoid a lot of wasted time. Each directory and each search engine will find different results for you, because of what it contains and the algorithm used. This is why it is best to use multiple databases and multiple search engines; one might have two articles you need that were buried in another search engine's results.

  4. Keep records of your research. This means you note every site you went to. You will more than likely review a lot of websites, and some will have a single fact you want to use, while others have nothing. It is important to keep track of the websites that you use so that you can revisit the best ones later and make proper citations. Do not rely solely on your "history" tab because it may not retain the exact page where you found your information. It may instead only remember the main website. So write them down in order to retain permanent records.

  5. Double check the web addresses. If you are making your reference page, be sure to double check the web addresses. It can be quite easy to make a mistake, but with web URL's even a small mistake such as a missed dash or a comma in lieu of a period can lead to disastrous results. You should click on each web address you put in your reference page when all is said and done to make sure they work.