Nietzsches Account of the Nature and Scope of Philosophy Lacks Accuracy and Consistency.

Assess whether this is a justifiable criticism.


Friedrich Nietzsche was a renowned German philosopher who was and still is popularly known for his views and strong support of nihilism (which is a strong belief that all values are baseless) which can be equated to pessimism about philosophy. Throughout his life, he wrote on issues to do with morality, cultural theory, truth, language, history, aesthetics, consciousness and even the meaning of existence. All these have had a great impact on philosophy and even intellectual history. His account of the traditional philosophical works and the views of other philosophers are almost non-existent which is usually not the nature of other philosophical works by others.

According to his philosophical works (exempting the nihilism views), Nietzsche discusses about the views of the self (what he famously calls becoming what one is) and creating the self but he does so in a criticism and negative connotation. In for example The Dawn of day, Nietzsche seems to be campaigning against issues of morality, and he even goes ahead to call himself an immoralist. He criticizes God saying he is dead and even further ahead criticizes religious teachings and beliefs like Christianity and even utilitarianism. According to him he supports Buddhism because it has no following of God. These views and denouncing of God has made other philosophers refer to him as an atheist and a pessimist.

His views on nihilism (which are more pronounced in his works on The Gay Science which insist that nothing is of importance are seen to be a rejection of philosophical reasoning. Even though philosophy is about the beliefs of people, it is also more directed towards seeking knowledge and gaining of the truth about various issues in society. These traditional views and definition of philosophy which are still held by other great and renowned philosophers contradicts and counteracts Nietzsche's explanations about what philosophy is all about. The contradiction are counteracting views of philosophy is what makes the works of Friedrich Nietzsche be considered inconsistent and lacking accuracy.


The criticism about Nietzsches nature and scope of philosophy are justified if the explanations about his views which not only contradict with that of other philosophers but which also seem to be mistrusting other philosophical views are to be taken into account. His pessimistic views which are evident in his works are based on his own personal views and do not fit into the scope of philosophy which goes beyond the self and into others.