Buying essays online: plagiarism issues

Plagiarism is not a new occurrence. At its heart, it is presenting another individual's writings as your own without acknowledging, or giving credit to the other individual. This is more prevalent today with the wide reaching scope of the internet and the ease of access to a mountain of data and information.

Online essay scams

A student is enticed by statements that a website is offering essays plagiarism free. More often than not, these websites originate in a foreign country. This allows for cheaper rates and a cheaper workforce. Some websites already have a stockpile of essays on a variety of topics and will customize the writings to your specific order. This leads to an issue of multiple copies of the same essay being presented, with only slight variations. You can alleviate this problem by insuring that the website is a legitimate one offering authentic services.

The quality of the work could be substandard. There are many writing services online that produce high quality work. You need to be careful as you evaluate the website to make sure you get an authentic and original essay. You are representing the essay as created entirely on your own. The exact tone and flow of your essay will differ from anything you have previously submitted or presented as your work. There is nothing wrong with this, just be sure that the work you receive is plagiarism free and of a quality you feel comfortable submitting as your own work.

It is cheating

When you present someone else's work as your own it is cheating. It is wrong. There are moral implications that each individual must face and come to terms with on their own. The real world implications are simply that you will likely get caught. The internet is a vast resource which opens up a multitude of avenues for exploration and research. Not only can you buy an essay online, but someone else can check your submitted essay online for plagiarism. There are websites which allow you to check submitted text to see if it matches any other articles which have been published or submitted online or anywhere else. In addition, in large universities, professors can cross reference with other professors, or their own prior database, to see if a similar essay was previously submitted. It is important to remember that it is only wrong and cheating if the essay is plagiarized. There are plenty of legitimate writing servicers online who provide high quality content that is plagiarism free.

The easy way to avoid these issues is to conduct due diligence when researching an essay writing service online.