How to find a cheap essay writing company

Why are essay writing services so expensive?

Students often complain about the costs associated with purchasing a custom sample essay online. Services charge a premium for a fast turnaround on a long project, and typically charge more for extensive, complicated work and more accomplished authors. These fees are reasonable, and reflect the value of the work and the expenses associated with creating it. A writer with an advanced degree is entitled to charge more for their work, and a project that is lengthy or which must be completed in a very short span of time is more difficult, and thus more expensive.

However, if you are looking to purchase a custom essay at a less than premium price, you can use these same principles to secure a good deal. If a fast, long, and expertly-written essay is expensive, it stands to reason that the converse is cheap. Here are some tips for making your custom essay purchase a reasonable one.

Hire Early and Allow Extra Time

Do not hire a custom essay writer at the last minute. You will pay a greatly increased rate if you are on a time crunch, particularly if the writing project is long or requires a ton of research. Instead, search for a writer many weeks before the assignment is due. If you give the writer a long period to work on the paper, they will be more forgiving in their fee structure.

Help Your Writer

The easier the writing work is, the less your writer will charge. Provide your writer with as many details about the assignment and your instructor's expectations as possible. Conduct some background research, provide a paper template, grading rubric, and a rough outline. Discuss the project in detail with your writer so they do not have to spend any time guessing. This will lead them to spend fewer hours on your paper, leading to a cheaper final product.

Use Less Experienced Writers

A writer who does not have a graduate degree or many years of writing experience will be far, far cheaper than a writer with impressive credentials. Find a writer who is still a college student, or who is working as a freelancer to financially support themselves on a temporary basis. Negotiate your price, but be fair to the writer and do not try to exploit them. Before you hire an inexperienced writer, ask for a writing sample to ensure they have some talent and are up to the task.