Comparison and contrast essay: the rules set for you as a child and rules you have set (or plan to set) for your children.

Having and raising a child or children for them to become successful in their lives is not that easy. I can attest to this fact since I am currently a proud and dedicated mother to my child, Blaire Dominic. I was once a kid and will always be a child of my loving parents even if I already have a family on my own. This is how Filipinos value family, and the essence of guiding their children through the right path with their own families as well is a culture that is already practiced. I cannot say that this value is already the correct way since in other culture, they give their child or children the independence to decide in their own once they reach a certain age and have their own families.

Back when I was child, my family is not the typical type of which there is a mother and father present. My mother was away toiling to work as a teacher in other town. She just went home during a weekend that is on time for her rest day. On the other hand, my father used to work in other countries for him to support us in our daily needs and finances, since having a work in the country was not enough to sustain our family needs. My grandfather, grandmother, and my aunt took care of me and my older brother when parents were at work. Though they were not our parents, we called them Mama and Papa because they were the one present in our day to day life as children. In addition, they have set rules for us to follow so that we will become better individuals as we grow older. The first rule is to respect elders and people as well. This rule is engraved in my heart up to now which for me is very significant for us, individuals. Respecting people with dignity is vital for us to nurture our personalities because it gives us a feeling that we are also respected too. The second rule is to do well in our studies. This rule enhances our skills and abilities for us to finish our education to pay off the hard work of our parents.

These rules that I followed when I was still a child were also instilled to my child. In spite of certain mistakes in my life that I had made, I absolutely agree that these rules can also be applied to my child so that he will also be guided in the proper path. Furthermore, children of this younger generation are not the same as the previous years. I firmly believe that parents should be able to adapt to the changes of the present world to be able to set rules that are applicable as of today.