Total effect on American society resulting from the legalization of abortion

An unplanned pregnancy is one of the costs that come with sexual activity especially in the younger age groups within the society. The effect of contraception is in some circumstance similar to the effects of abortion availability. This is because if contraception is available then this leads to a similar decrease in the probability of pregnancy and thus the expected costs also decrease. However, this also leads to an increase in the quantity of sexual relations that are demanded. As much as society does not like to admit this fact especially in conservative circles, it is still logical in this respect. The availability of abortion lowers the expected cost that comes with sexual intercourse because the pregnancy can be aborted in the case of undesired conception.

However, there are additional costs that come with the concept of legalizing abortion. This includes the financial cost that comes with the abortion itself. At the same time, there is physical and emotional discomfort and stigma in the society at the present that cannot be simply dispelled by the fact of legalizing abortion. On the other hand, the availability of abortion ambiguously lowers the expected cost of heterosexual, which is relative to a situation in which abortion was available. Since abortion legalization effect reduces the expected costs that come with sexual activities, there is a prediction that the legalization of abortion will in effect lead to an increase of quantity of sexual activity especially in heterosexual couples. This is not to say that every man or woman will as such effectively increase his or her sexual activities. For example, there are some women that would not even consider having an abortion and as such, they would not be affected by the expected decrease in costs of sexual activities that would be in place due to the legal changes to the abortion law.

However, STD's are another issue. STD infection rates are dependent on the volume of sexual activity that takes place. Since the prediction of an increase in sexual activities is expected after the legalization of abortion, then it is expected that the rates of STD infection will continue to rise within the community. This is because a decrease in the expected costs after sexual relations will decrease the sexual inhibitions within individuals. As such, people are most likely to have multiple sexual partners in response to the reduced obligations that come with legalizing abortion.