Writing a Great Berlin Wall essay

An essay on the Great Berlin Wall is pretty much guaranteed to be informative in nature. With that out of the way, the pace of the essay has been established for you. What you need to do Is simply research the Great Berlin Wall, chop up the main portions of your research, and use those portions as the base for how you will write the essay.

Chopping up your research pieces is very important as it allows for you to establish the barebones for the flow of your essay before you get down to writing. A subject such as the Berlin Wall has much history to it, but fortunately it goes in a linear line. There's no ranches or twists and turns to it.

Let's get down to what you will need to research!


A simple search query into your search engine of choice will turn up some subjects to research. These include:

  • Why was the Wall built in the first place? What political forces came into play or initiated the Wall?
  • Was emigration restricted? What else was restricted?
  • What security features did the Wall include?
  • Was anyone harmed or killed attempting to climb over the Wall and into West Berlin?
  • When and why was the Wall brought down?
  • What happened in the aftermath of the Wall coming down?

Now that the majority of the research points have been established, you also have your main points to touch on.

Points and Pacing!

Pacing your essay on the Berlin Wall shouldn't be difficult at all. Since your research should run through linear line of the Wall's history, your pacing will run along that same line. What you will need to do is hit those important points and dedicate a good amount time to explaining things regarding the cause and effect of the wall both during its decades up and the aftermath.

A few of these points include:

  • Politics of Germany at the time of the Wall's creation.
  • Public and government opinion of the Wall.
  • Western opinion of the Wall and how did it affect Germany's relationship with the rest of world.
  • Forces that went into bringing the Wall down.
  • Politics of Germany in the few years after the Wall's fall.

Remember to hit the points, but keep the flow of your essay going. Keep the essay in the linear path as going off path will throw off the historical direction of events between the Wall being built and Wall coming down.