5 tips for writing an art essay

Students that are required to write an essay on a piece of art have to follow the basic rules of essay writing, but they should also know that there are some tips which are created especially for art essays. Because art is complex, and each human being can appreciate a piece of art form his own perspective, writing about art can become confusing at times. The thing that you have to understand before you even begin to write this essay is that if you are truthful and you follow the given format, while writing your ideas clearly and concisely, no teacher can tell you that your interpretation is wrong because it is your personal perspective. After you understand this aspect, you will be able to calm yourself and take the assignment just as it is, without complicating things any further.

  1. The first tip - Remember the rules of writing
  2. Even if this is an art essay, and it should be a little more imaginative, you have to keep in mind that it is still an essay and all the rules of writing apply.

  3. The second tip - Create a great thesis statement
  4. A great thesis statement can be a little more difficult to create, in an art essay but you have to do your best. Remember that you can express a notion in this statement and that the things that you write here will be better developed in the text of the essay. Don't confuse the thesis statement with the conclusion of the essay.

  5. The third tip - Be concise, don't ramble
  6. When you are writing about a piece of art, you can easily be lost in your feelings. You need to remember that this is an art essay and not a page in your journal, so approach the subject professionally and keep your inarticulate feelings away from the essay.

  7. The forth tip - Be clear about the piece of art you are writing on
  8. Since most important pieces of art have been copied and remade by a lot of different artists, you have to be very clear on which piece of art you are talking about.

  9. The final tip - Keep your eyes on the ball
  10. If you are writing about a certain piece of art then you should talk about that piece of art. Do not talk about the artist's life or his other successful pieces because they are not the subject of your essay. The more you stay on topic, the better your essay will be received by your readers.