How To Come Up With Outstanding College-Level Essay Topics

Researching and writing an essay can be a very difficult task while also being interesting at the same time. If you're given a specific topic it makes things a bit easier and more straightforward - however, frequently you'll be asked to think up an essay topic, research it, and then write it. It's easy to get caught up on the topic choosing part - but it won't be too difficult if you follow the tips in this article.

Four Tips to Help You Choose Essay Topics

  1. You need to make sure that your chosen topic fits into the assignment requirements. If you were required to write within the broad field of "Science" for example, then writing an article about "Sports" wouldn't be a good idea. These is a simplified example, but just ensure that your topic is appropriate.

  2. Don't pick a topic that's too broad. Most likely you will have a word count limit for the essay that you must not exceed. If you pick a very broad topic, you run the very real risk of not being able to fit all the necessary information into the word count limit. Don't go too specific to your topic either or you run the risk of not having enough to write about to reach a minimum word count.

  3. It would be best to pick a topic that you're familiar with. You don't have to - but if you do, there are a few very nice benefits. Firstly, you won't have to do as much research as you would for an unknown topic as you're already familiar with the one you choose. Secondly, the essay will be more interesting to you since you're familiar with and interested in the topic you've chosen.

  4. Pick something that's easy to research. Even if you pick a topic that you're interested in, it's likely that you'll have to do at least some research. For this reason, you should pick something that's not overly difficult to get information about. Topics that have tons of information available online or at your local library would be the perfect choice.

Some Topic Ideas to Get You Started

The tips given so far in this article should get you well on your way to choosing great college-level essay articles. But, coming up with specific topics can still be challenging, so here's some ideas to get you started:

  • Personal topics: "The bravest moment of your life", "what makes your parents special", "the moment your life changed forever".

  • Science topics: "Is autism a kind of brain damage?", "Why do we sleep? How much sleep do we really need?"