The Most Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

One controversial topic you can discuss is the effects of outsourcing of jobs by American companies to other countries. Some Americans believe that outsourcing jobs to other countries is a mistake  because it hurts the American people and it becomes difficult for them to find good jobs. They also say that it creates unfair competition between American workers and those in other countries. Those in favor of outsourcing say that it saves businesses money and that it provides an opportunity for these companies to become globalized and get international exposure.

Sex Education in Schools

This topic is controversial for several reasons. Some people oppose sex education in school because they feel that it interferes with the parents' desire  to teach the children about sexuality according to the parents' personal beliefs and/or religious values that the parents hold to. They also oppose sex education in schools because they feel that as teachers discuss sexuality on a regular basis with students, the students become more curious and decide to practice it when they are not emotionally, spiritually or mentally ready. Proponents of sex education believe that this helps students become more informed about sexual decisions.

Why African American Marriages Fail

Another controversial topic is the divorce rate among African American couples. Some attribute the divorce rate to the general conflict among the couples while other scholars say it is due to the pressures of society that are particular to African American families such as unemployment or underemployment, depression, institutional racism and domestic violence as well as drug and sexual abuse.

Abuse in Nursing Homes

Abuse of nursing home patients is becoming too common these days and you can argue for tougher regulations, punishments and more detailed background screenings of nursing home employees so that more nursing home residents will not be abused at the homes. Mention any recent case studies concerning nursing home abuse and any new laws in your state that were passed to protect nursing home residents.


When you write on controversial topics, it is okay to be passionate in your writing but be sure not to let your biases get in the way of writing in an objective way. If you feel that you will not be able to write objectively, you should look for a new topic. Finally, proofread your essay and follow your professor's guidelines.