How to write an A+ research paper

Earning a perfect score on a research paper is not as difficult as many students think. In most cases, the milestone can be achieved by taking care to follow directions, meeting deadlines, and proofreading. Many teachers provide so much scaffolding when they teach research papers that if you follow their instructions and get your writing done on time, you are practically guaranteed a good grade.

What NOT to Do

When students earn poor grades on research papers, they usually have the same faults. Students with low grades fail to properly document their sources. They also tend to have an excessive amount of errors, usually because they ignore the problems that word processing programs highlight (those are always easy fixes). Most students who earn low grades also fail to support their thesis and some fail to even write a thesis to support.

Follow Your Teacher's Instructions Perfectly

If you are lucky, your teacher will walk you step-by-step through the entire process. The A+ can be achieved by doing everything that your teacher says to do. Most research paper are an exercise in two skills: following directions and learning how to document sources. In order to keep the assignment interesting, you should choose a topic that interests you and that you can argue thoughtfully. In many cases, the best research papers have unusual topics that can be argued many different ways. When you have a good topic, you will find it much easier to follow directions and support your paper with sources that will show that you are correct.

Edit the Paper Several Times

The papers that earn A+ grades are usually edited tightly. This means that each word has been considered and that a thesaurus has been consulted. Top notch papers have good sentence variety, so every sentence does not begin with the same word. They also include more in-text documentation than is required. Many teachers are hesitant to give perfect scores on research papers, because most students could always improve. If you want that A+, you will have to write an exemplary paper that the teacher could show to students for many years to come.

Reach Your Goal

Your effort will be greatly appreciated by your teacher because so many students no longer care about their grades. If your teacher offers sample papers, be sure to take a look, because those sample papers can help steer you to that A+ that you are craving.