To What Extent is Workplace Counseling of Value to Organizations?

In most cases, workplace counseling mostly involves the use of various psychological procedures and therapy approaches in order to reduce and solve employee's problems in the organization. Workplace counseling mostly results into face to face conversation between the employee and the counselor in order to determine the cause of the employee problems and challenges. There are also other workplace counseling systems that mostly involve legal advice approaches through the use of employee assistance practices and programs in the organizations. Furthermore, majority of workplace counseling systems are usually paid by the employers and management systems of the organization in order solve employee's problems and challenges. On the other hand, organization mostly involves human relationships and environments working together with the aim of achieving common goals and objectives.

There are various benefits of workplace counseling systems in various organizations globally including counseling practices in the United Kingdom organizations. In most cases, workplace counseling strategies are mostly developed and designed in order to promote and improve the solving of various problems in the organization especially those affecting the employees in the organization. The field of industrial psychology forms one of areas that are mostly adopted by various organizations in order to improve their employee counseling practices and procedures. According to various research studies, the use of effective employee counseling systems in an organization usually results into significant improvement and increase of employee's job performance in an organization. This is because the use of counseling practices mostly provides various procedures of solving the employees problems faced in their workplace environment. This also improves the firm understanding of the employee's needs and interest thereby leading to an increase in firm production and performance levels. In that sense, it is important that various organizations in the United Kingdom adopt various counseling approaches in order to boost their employee job performance levels as well as to reduce and solve employee problems in the firms. Adoption of effective counseling approaches should be done in all the departments in an organization as this will help in the consideration of the employee's physical, mental as well as emotional well-being in the organization. Effective human resource management in various organization mostly require proper balance of individuals physical, mental as well as emotional health thus the need for provision of proper counseling systems in an organizations. The use of psychological counseling approaches in various firms globally form one of the methods and approaches that can be adopted by firms in order to increase and improve their employee performance levels and productivity in the firm.

Therefore, the main purpose and aim of this paper is to determine the benefits of workplace counseling systems to various organizations globally including those in the UK.