Tips For Writing A Research Paper Against Abortion

Writing a successful paper against abortion can be a challenging task. This is because the topic of abortion is a very sensitive matter for a lot of people. How different individuals and groups of people feel about abortion vary and how you personally feel about abortion will immensely impact how you write about it. This means that you really need to do some "soul-searching" before you tackle your paper. It is also vital that you do a bit of scientific research and check in with the experts before you begin writing. A great research paper against abortion will have a strong thesis and lot of evidence that backs up the writer's opinions. Simply saying that "abortion is wrong" and leaving it at that is not enough to create a convincing argument. Instead, try to be objective and write about abortion in a way that is factual and intelligent while also explaining why you are directly against it.

Characteristics of An Effective Anti-Abortion Research Paper

  1. Include important elements like "why" you are against abortion using both personal, and non-personal examples.
  2. Find authentic resources that demonstrate the negative impact that abortions can have
  3. Include truthful testimonies from people who have had abortions
  4. Talk about the political and social impact of abortions
  5. Address the other side of the issue with empathy
  6. Cite strong scientific research that defends your thesis
  7. Carefully choose your words and be careful about making assumptions or guesses about facts
  8. Include all of the qualities of a strong persuasive essay
  9. Avoid making collective statements
  10. Conclude on an optimistic note

If you choose to tackle writing an anti-abortion research essay be aware that there is a risk that you may offend some readers. Whenever you write a factual paper about a sensitive topic there is always going to be two sides to the debate. This is why it is important to try to remember to stick to the facts and state your opinions as they relate to the thesis. Use strong examples that can be backed by proven science (not weak examples that are backed by personal bias and hear-say). You will find that in order to be successful at writing research papers on this kind of subject matter, the less personal you make the research the better. Instead stick to the truthful research evidence that you can find, and make sure that you check to make sure it was written by a creditable source.