How To Write A Thesis Proposal

A couple of months before you begin writing your final thesis dissertation you will be asked to submit your official project proposal for review. A thesis proposal, basically outlines what you intend to achieve with your dissertation presentation and how you are going to go about collecting your research. Due to the fact that final thesis reports are usually 100 or more pages in length and may take 12 or more months to complete it is your responsibility to get this proposal in long before the deadline.

There are a few different reasons why the faculty of your institute may be requesting proposals. Perhaps, they only accept a limited number of thesis papers per semester and are selecting the best applicants to go forward. It also could be that they want to help identify potential resources or grant money to complete your final project. Another common reason, which is more obvious than the other two is merely that they are curious about what you are planning to write on and simply wish to offer you a bit of advise and guidance before you tackle this major project.

How To Approach Your Proposal

The best way to approach your thesis proposal is with a formal letter and report outline so that you can state your intentions and clarify how you intend to approach the subject matter.

In your letter to the faculty formally express your desire to write a final thesis on: (insert topic) and explain why (insert topic) has become you passion in your field. Try to your best to make a provocative case for yourself by thinking critically about why you have decided to pursue this particular subject and why you believe that this is important for you to do your research on. This is a good occasion to introduce your ideas and request that they support you in your research.

In your outline make sure that you include a basic draft of your hypothesis and potential thesis statement as well as how you intend to find the information that you require to complete this document. Although you may not have enough information to include all of your research resources at this time, use examples that will convince the panel that there is enough evidence available to support your study of this subject matter.

Once you have submitted your proposal, all you can do is sit back and wait for the professors in your faculty to give you the green light, then you are ready to get started on the last formal research paper that you will compose as a student. Good Luck!